How do I pay for my equipment?

Send check or money order within 10 business days made out to: GSE Market

Mail to: GSE Market
1614 SW Pineland Way
Palm City, FL 34990

Note: Include the Inventory Number on your check or money order and a copy of the Bid Award Notice.

To improve the service for both our buyers and our sellers, please take note of the following important information: Successful bidders are notified via email that their bids have been accepted; however, since email is not 100% reliable, it is the obligation of bidders to monitor their account status using the My Bid Activity section of the buyer’s site and to submit payment to according to the instructions for doing so which are found above and in the Bid Award Notice. Our policy has been, and will continue to be, that successful bidders submit payment within 10 business days of their email notification. Because it is crucial to the buying and selling process that successful bidders submit payment in a timely fashion such as our policy describes, will be strictly enforcing this policy as of May 24, 2001. If a buyer fails to pay within the time allotted for any item awarded on or after this date, the item will either be offered for resale or awarded to the next highest bidder, at the discretion of the seller.